GreenTech s.r.l. is a research company operating in the sustainable energy sector. It develops, produces and sells sustainable conversion systems, and systems for the management and accumulation of electricity, thermic and refrigerating energy. The company was established as an academic spin-off by a group of researchers affiliated with the Department of Industrial Engineering and Mathematics of the Marche Region University of Technology, in Italy. Currently, the company is developing photobioreactor plants on an industrial scale, with the double objective of producing high-value solutions for biogas cogeneration plants, and of realizing and selling one or more sub-products resulting from the obtained biomass (microalgae).

GreenTech s.r.l. gained great technical know-how capable of offering to the market an exhaustive counseling activity in the field of energy efficiency.



GreenTech s.r.l. searches for efficient and effective solutions aiming at matching some ethic values such as environmental responsibility and sustainability thanks to the optimization of energetic resources others than petrol. This is a continuous effort, which turns into severe attention and strong passion for the research activity aiming at the innovation of industrial and energetic processes.

Through those results GreenTech s.r.l. shows its respect of its own ethic code, demonstrating how innovation and progress can bring real advantage to the social welfare.



GreenTech S.r.l. . was born thanks to the initiative of the Eng. Matteo Moglie and Eng. Giulio Santori, two young researchers of the Industrial Engineering and Mathematics Departments of the Marche Region University of Technology, in Italy. Under the direction of Prof. Polonara, the two PhD students collaborated in doing research about biofuel that ended up in the realization of the Solar Ice Maker, a new refrigerating technology intended to preserve vaccine in developing countries. With this project, they won the Business Plan Competition prize, the E-Capital.

In 2013, the society became an Academic Spin-off and, after passing a hard selection competing against more than 100 projects, GreenTech s.r.l. entered the net of the JesiCube, the first enterprises incubator of the Marche Region in Italy.

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