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GreenTech SrL is well aware of the importance of energy efficiency when it comes to billing, environment, and health; in the spirit of promoting the reduction of energy waste and expenses, GreenTech SrL became reseller of some technology products with a good quality/price rate.
Visiting our online SHOP, you will find a variety of LED lamps (V-Tac) and Energy Monitors to monitor the energy consumption of your house (Efergy). Don’t lose the opportunity of a great deal!


    LED lamps are a valid alternative to traditional lamps: LED have the same illumination gradient as the most common or fluorescent lamps, but they consume up to 85% less energy. Moreover, they last 25 times more! From an environmental point of view, it is very important to remember that LED technology works without mercury or other pollutant materials.

    You will find a great variety of LED lamps in our SHOP. Come and find the ones that best suit your needs!


    Energy monitor devices have been developed in order to reduce or eliminate energy waste. This doesn’t mean to stop using household appliances, lamps or heating, this means to get to know our own consumption rates, and to avoid excessive or improper use of energy. Information on the display show in real time both money spent and amount of energy used.

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    Thermostatic valve is a self-regulating valve fitted to hot water heating system radiator to control the temperature of a room by changing the flow of hot water to the radiator. The valve allow a subdivision of the heat in different rooms of your apartment, excluding automatically the heater once the host room has reached the desired temperature, thus saving money. In centralized systems, the valve allows autonomous management of the heating system of residential unit.

    Come and discover our products in our SHOP!



GreenTech SrL offers a variety of consultancy services in the field of energy efficiency. Among them:

• APE certification;
• Technical consultancy about the production of electricity by photovoltaic plants;
• Energetic optimization of plants for the production of chemicals compounds;
• Consultancy on obtaining and negotiating Energy Efficiency Certificates, Green Certificates, Feed-in Schemes and Heating Support Schemes;
• Technical consultancy about environmental and building acoustics;
• Consultancy and measurement of noise and vibrations to which workers are exposed;
• Technical consultancy about the cold chain.


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