GreenTech SrL was born as a research company, and because of that, it continues to work on its research projects with competency and passion. Our group of engineers and researchers is constantly busy looking for products and innovative solutions in the fields of energy efficiency. In this page you will find all of our ongoing projects.



    SIM (Solar Ice Maker) is a refrigerating machine powered only by solar radiation, mainly used for vaccines preservation. A broadening of the market is envisaged towards perishable food in areas with hostile climates. Compared to existent systems, SIM has the advantage of being independent from electricity or other fuels; it doesn’t need maintenance and doesn’t emit any emissions, it is of easy use and, compared to other systems similar to SIM, it doesn’t use ammoniac. Using SIM, you will obtain: an higher COP compared to the existing technologies, a smaller cold box, a panel with smaller surface (less encumbrance) but same effectiveness.


    Microalgae are photosynthetic micro-organisms capable of transforming climate-changing emissions in nutrients. For them to grow, light, carbon dioxide and nutrients are necessary. Starting from these raw materials, microalgae are capable of synthesizing several compounds that can be applied to many sectors. Depending on the cultivated species, it is possible to produce high-protein dietary supplements, bioplastics, essentials fatty-acids (omega3), cosmetics products, pigments and biofuels.


    Moisture dryer system was born to face the problem of drying humid air that forms in the washing machine at the end of the washing. Our technology guarantees the improvement of drying performances, with drastic effects also on the length of the washing cycle. This is achieved without substantially influencing the production price of the household appliance.

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    We design and realize photovoltaic plants, studying solutions that adapt to every need or situation: from domestic use, to apartment blocks use, to industrial plants. Choosing the "all inclusive" solution, you will receive complete assistance: we will take maximum care of inspection, installation and testing.

    A photovoltaic plant is a certain investment, it is convenient and it will allow you to:
    • Save on electricity bills.
    • Raise the value of your building.

    Moreover, you will make an environmental-friendly choice.

    Nowadays, photovoltaic plants are less expensive and technically evolved. The investment can be retrieved in about eight years, while the plant assures energy for up to 25 years.

    In order to maximize the performance of those plants, we also offer specific studies on how to accumulate the produced energy. The hybrid system is only sold with the "all inclusive" formula as to guarantee the best quality, performances and service.



    The solar thermodynamic system guarantees hot sanitary water production and heating 24 hours a day thanks to its revolutionary functioning principle. The Solar Panels Thermodynamics technology allows obtaining a high performance also during nighttime, with rain and wind, and during cloudy days, which is not possible using the traditional solar panels since they depend on solar radiation and their orientation. Accredited and certified by TÜV (German Technical Control Association), our product respects the strictest norms existing on energy efficiency and sustainability. The functioning principle is based on the thermodynamics laws, meaning that it exploits the physical properties of a refrigerating fluid which, going from liquid to gas to liquid again, is capable of transferring the caught heath from the panels to the water that needs to be heated up.


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