GreenTech’s team is an interdisciplinary group currently constituted of University Professors, Ph.D. Students and Candidates, and professionals. The enthusiasm and the personality of the staff is what lies at the basis of the success of all projects developed by the company, which aims at the constant innovation in the field of Renewable Energies and Environmental Sustainability.


Board of Directors

  • Eng. M. Moglie

    President and Executive Member of the Board. Ph.D. in Energetics, his research is focused on the extraction of lipids and compounds of pharmaceutical interest from algae biomass.

  • Eng. G. SANTORI

    Vice President and Counselor of the Board of Directors. Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh. His work focuses on the development of advanced energetic and environmental technologies. Currently he is involved in the development of a system designed to extract CO2 directly from the air.

  • Eng. D. GUETTI

    Sales Director. Ph.D. Student in Energetics, he is researching on biodiesel production. Winner of the E-Capital 2012 prize, he studied at the IST in Lisbon, and collaborates with the MBU of Třeboň. He speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Advisory Board

  • Eng. F. CORVARO

    Advisory Board Member. Research Associate at the Marche Region University of Technology. Along with the solid experience in the renewable energies field and the several professional roles covered, he worked as a Construction Manager and Site Safety Officer on the asbestos removal site of the Province Palace in Ancona.

  • Eng. F. POLONARA

    Member of the Advisory Board. Professor of Technical Physics at the Marche Region University of Technology in Italy, he works in the field of renewable energies and energetic issues. He coordinated the team which collaborated in the creation of the Energetic Environmental Plan of the Marche Region in Italy.


  • Eng. E. BRUNETTI

    Board of Directors Counselor. Ph. D. Student in Energetics, she researches in the field of Solid Oxide Fuel Cells. Winner of the E-Capital prize in 2010 and 2012.

  • Eng. G. CIRIACHI

    Ph.D. Student in Energetics, he is researching on energetics planning in association with several local public administrations. He also collaborates in researches on biofuel production.

  • Ms. P. ROSATI

    Marketing and Internationalization. She has a Degree in Economics and Management – Economics and Control Systems. She is responsible for the development and management of commercial relations and also for the customer satisfaction.


    With a Degree in Civil Engineering, he worked as an Export Director for several General Contractor Companies operating in the industrial plants sector. He has gained experience in the technical-commercial negotiation and in the design and management of orders sector at an international level; he can also account a long experience on construction sites for the assembly of complex plants both in Italy and abroad.

  • Eng. Alex Fiori

    He graduated obtaining a 3-year Degree in Civil Engineering, followed by a Master Degree in Structures. He collaborated with several Italian companies in order to design and produce steel structures. Currently, he is focusing on the sectors of both renewable energies and microalgae in order to broaden his competencies.

  • Ms. Roberta Ciaschini

    Graduated with a Degree in Civil and Construction Engineering, she works as a freelancer with a solid experience in Structural and Architectural Design, Construction Management, Testing of Civil, Construction and Industrial Engineering. She worked as an Orders Responsible, Technical Director, Safety Specialist & Risk Analyst, Site Manager and Product Manager both in Italy and abroad. She took part in R&D Projects concerning Renewable Energy (MSW, biomass, biogas). She is a certified CSFE and Energy Manager, and she can operate in the fire prevention. She worked as a Technical Expert for the Ancona Province in Italy in the Public Works sector.

  • Ms. Stefania Betti

    She is currently attending a Master Course in Intercultural Communication to complete her University Career started with a 3-year Degree in Foreign Languages. Her knowledge of English, French, Russian and Spanish allowed her to study Internationalization Strategies in France and to work for the Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce in Brussels.

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